Photo by Janos Holczer

Attila VÖLGYI photojournalist

My engagement with photography started back in the days of analogue technology in 1994, when I was working with black and white negatives in the dark rooms of a local photographers club called Budai Fotó és Film Klub. As it became more and more popular, I have started using digital technology as well – and I am using it almost exclusively today. Following studies in press photography it has by now become my profession.
National and international newspapers and news agencies have been publishing my works regurarly since 2004, mostly on a part-time basis, but sometimes as freelancer. I have been accredited as a correspondent of the Hungarian parliament since 2006, so I have worked on many protocol and diplomatic events. I have been a member of both the Hungarian and the International Sports Press Association. I photographed European and world championships of many sports in Hungary and in other countries too. After years of independence and many publications, the next years saw me working on staff for a number of major Hungarian publications (Napi Ász, Esti Hirlap, Napi Gazdaság, Hirsarok), until Hirsarok was closed for business. It was in this period that I was awarded 3rd prize in the annual Hungarian Press Photo Competition. Today I am again working as a freelance photographer on individual assignments mostly by international news and photo agencies.

As a press photographer I am comfortable with and mainly employed by the press in the field of news, tabloid, sports and reportage, but I also frequently work on assignments around leasure, culture, corporate events, balls and weddings. In my work I strive to achieve a high quality and expressive result, capturing the mood of the events as closely as possible.  I am putting my personality and creativity into my work whilst focusing on the requirements of the customer.
I own my professional equipment since the beginning. As the demands of my assignments change, and the more experience I accumulate, so does the list of my equipment evolve. I believe it should not be the equipment that qualifies the photographer’s work, rather the photographs themselves. Hence I have chosen to not bore you with the list of the items I own, like so many others do. I wish you a pleasent and enjoyable time with my photos.

I started writing a blog in 2008 under the name Attila Volgyi’s photojournalism blog about behind the scenes and current topics of photography provession. The Hungarian version of the blog also has a translation in progress English version.